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  • You're new to painting roses.

  • There's just seems to be something off about the roses you have painted and you're not sure why.

  • You're like me and are always trying to find a way to improve your rose paintings.

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Three easy lessons on how to better paint roses in any painting medium. These strategies helped me improve my roses and will help you too. I want to make learning to paint roses easier and faster than it was for me Lessons are applicable for painting in oils, acrylics, china painting, or watercolor

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Angela Wisler

Porcelain Artist Instructor

Hello, I began painting with acrylics in 2004 and while I enjoyed it, there were limitations I just couldn't get past. Trying to preserve my artwork was a daunting task. I stumbled upon china painting in 2008 and was immediately drawn to the permanence of it. The idea of creating heirloom pieces that would last through the generations without fading or yellowing. Painted pieces that could be used without destroying the artwork was irresistible and I was hooked from that point on. Over the years, I collected every book and study I could find on painting and taught myself. Which brings me to why I began teaching porcelain painting online. You see, a lot of the material I bought was not helpful which required me to figure it out on my own. The information was outdated, confusing, or incomplete. I eventually learned and today I am a successful artist, but it didn't have to be so hard. Who better to teach a self-study course than a self-taught artist? I design courses the way I wish they had been for me when I started. This makes it easier and faster for you. No more piecing together information from all over or having to pay to travel in order to learn. I provide comprehensive courses using 21st Century technology. You learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you like. Thanks so much for the opportunity,